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Email Swipes

Subject 1:           Copy-and-paste your way to financial freedom

Subject 2:           New software allows you write cash-pumping emails

Subject 3:           This software helps you make money from your list


One of the most important skills you need to make money online is email writing.

Yet for some unknown reasons, most gurus don’t talk about it.

The fact is this:

If you don’t know how to write powerful emails that grab the attention of your subscribers, and pushing them to buy…

…you will continue struggling to make money online without real success.

Good emails is simply what differentiates the successful and the struggling internet marketers.

Yes, I understand that writing emails is a skill that requires many years of practice.

But there’s a new software in town that makes email writing as easy as ABC.

It levels the playing field for all marketers, even if you are a complete newbie.

Click here to see it. [AFF LINK]

With this software, you will have access to hundreds of emails that covers different niches and different marketing purposes.

You will just need to copy it and send to your subscribers and you will see sales raking up for you.

How do I know that it will bring massive sales when used?

Because every email there were written by A+ copywriters and have been tested to see that they convert.

Go here to see more details about and to grab it. [AFF LINK]

And lest I forgot, it just got launched, and so there’s a massive discount on its price now.

So act smartly by grabbing it now that the price is at an all-time low.

Here’s the link. [AFF LINK]


Subject 1:           Turn every $1 into $44 – it’s not magic

Subject 2:           Nothing beats it when it comes to making money online


Do you know that you can actually turn every $1 invested into $44.

Yes, it’s very possible.

And there’s only one investment that can guarantee that for you.

It’s called Email Marketing.

You see, no other online business model beats it when it comes to making money online…

…and many researches have proven this fact.

However, the only way to get such profit from email marketing, is when you know how to write emails that convert.

Trust me, writing emails that convert is not a skill that can be developed overnight.

It requires many months or even years of practicing to become a PRO email copywriter.

But are you willing to wait that long?

I’m sure your answer is NO, and that’s why I recommend you check out Email Ramp.[AFF LINK]

It’s a software that gives you access to highly converting emails that brings truckloads of sales to you when used.

Every email you would need to make money from your email marketing business is there…

…from list nurturing emails, to prelaunch, product launch, re-engagement, story-telling, emotional angles and even discount and time-limited offer emails.

Just login, choose your niche and the email type you want, and you will be greeted with more than enough emails you can copy as is, or tweak to suit you.

Get Email Ramp now and start profiting from your email marketing.[AFF LINK]

And since it just got launched, the huge discount on it is still active…

…though it will expire anytime soon.

I suggest you hurry and get it now, because you must need it if you want to make money online.

Start making huge profits from your email marketing [AFF LINK]


Subject 1:           Your email list will not make you money –this will

Subject 2:           Building a list is not hard – this is the hard part

Subject 3:           Turn your email list to a cash cow with this


You’ve heard it over and over again that money is in the list.

In fact, it has become a cliché in the internet marketing niche.

But guess what?

It’s only part of the truth.

Yes, there’s money in the list…

…but that’s if you know how to write highly persuasive emails that will make the list spit out money for you on demand.

Don’t fret at the sound of “highly persuasive emails”.

You see, you don’t need to be a “Gary Halbert” to write email copies that pull in massive sales.

Just login to Email Ramp and you will see all the emails you need to make money from your list.[AFF LINK]

A good list + converting emails = massive sales + jaw-dropping profits.

You probably have an email list; now you can get the emails you need to start printing cash on demand from it.

And if you don’t have an email list yet, don’t worry.

One of the bonuses you will get when you get your access to Email Ramp is a powerful tutorial on how to build your email list fast.

NOTE: This bonus will be available only during the launch period.

So don’t hesitate.

Click here to get access to Email Ramp now and start profiting from your list. [AFF LINK]


PS: The launch discount is still active, but will be expiring in the next 24 hours. So hurry so you don’t miss both the discount and the bonuses. Click here now [AFF LINK]


Subject 1:           Get steady traffic without spending a dime

Subject 2:           Get more quality traffic to your offers

Subject 3:           Quality traffic at no cost

Subject 4:           This free traffic source works always

Subject 5:           Quality traffic at no cost = bumper profit


Maybe you just created a new product…

Or you just got approved to promote a particular product as an affiliate.

Do you know the best type of traffic to send to it?

It’s the traffic from your email list.

Your list already knows and trust you.

So it’s easier to get them to visit the offer page and buy.

But that’s if you use the right words that will rouse their Adrenalin, pushing them to open, read and take action.

While writing such emails can be hard and brain-racking, there’s an easy way out.

Here’s the easy way to write emails that pushes your subscribers to click your link.[AFF LINK]

And here’s the sweetest part

Even if your subscribers have stopped opening and reading your emails, you can use the RE-ENGAGEMENT EMAILS inside this software to get them opening and reading your emails once again.

If you have a list, it’s time to start exploiting it to get quality traffic to your offer…

…and this software will help. [AFF LINK]

If on the other hand, you don’t have a list, you will get a tutorial that will teach you how to build the list, once you get access to this software.

Start sending quality traffic from your email list to your offers, so you can get more sales and profits. [AFF LINK]

For your information, the bonus tutorial on how to build a list fast, is expiring today, alongside the discount available on the software.

So make sure you hurry right now to take advantage of it.

Here’s the link once again. [AFF LINK]

You will thank me later.


SUBJECT 1:         All you need is one email every day.

SUBJECT 2:         You are one email away from earning 6 figure per year


Imagine sending out an email at night and waking up the next morning to see loads of payment notifications in your inbox….

This is exactly what happens when you use highly-converting, subscriber-bonding, cash-churning, sales-generating emails for your campaigns.

Until now, there were only two options available to you to write such emails:

Option 1

Hire an A-List copywriter and pay him thousands of dollars for your emails. This is usually the option used by top internet marketers as they are the only ones that can afford A-List copywriters.

Option 2

Spend the next 3-4 years learning and practicing how to write powerful emails that will convert massively for you. This option is for marketers who do not have deep pockets to hire A-List copywriters.

But now, there is a third option

… option that will enable you to use emails written by A-List copywriters for your campaigns and make shit loads of cash from your email campaigns.

This is what you are going to get with Email Ramp. [AFF LINK]

What is Email Ramp?

Email Ramp is a software that gives you access to over 499 proven-to-convert emails written by A-List copywriters for top internet marketers, so you can also use it for your own campaigns too.

In essence, you will be able to use the same emails that 7-figure marketers use and be able to rake in the amount of sales they rake in too.

Inside Email Ramp, there are emails available for your use in different niches and for different purposes, whether it is trust building emails, affiliate promotion, product launch, re-engagement, story-telling, etc.

With Email Ramp, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to A-List copywriters or waste many years of your life learning how to write highly-converting, subscriber-bonding, cash-churning, sales-generating emails.

The good news is that Email Ramp is launching tomorrow and if you are early, you are going to get access to it for peanuts.

I have also made available some powerful bonuses that will help you make the most out of your email marketing.

Click below to watch the demo of Email Ramp and secure your position for a discount. [AFF LINK]

Remember, you are one email away from financial freedom.

To your success,


Subject 1:                   1 Hour to go – Are you ready?

Subject 2:                   It’s happening by 9 AM ET/NY – Get ready

I have never been as excited as this about a product launch…

Don’t blame me, because if you also realize that this product has the power to bring you massive sales and commissions anytime you put it to use, then you’d be excited too.

I’m talking about Email Ramp which will go live in an hour.

If you are smart to get it as soon as it goes live, then two things are going to happen to you:

-         You will enjoy a huge early bird discount that will make the software look like it’s a giveaway

-         You will get 10 powerful bonuses from me that will help you triple the results you will get from the software

-         You will be able to start emailing like a pro and earning the same type of income that email marketing pros earn

Don’t worry, I’ll hit you up when it’s time so you don’t miss it.

So stay glued to your email.

However, if you are eager to see the bonus I have for you, go here.[AFF LINK]

See you in an hour.


Subject 1:           It’s Live and the early bird discount is now available

Subject 2:           Email Ramp is live – Hurry to claim the early bird discount

Subject 3:           It’s time – Go now

Subject 4:           Start making mad moo-lah from your email marketing


Email Ramp is now LIVE.

Go here to see it [AFF LINK]

Now that it’s live, it means that you can now start using highly converting emails that gets opened and pulls in massive sales in your email marketing……

……and you won’t have to hire a copywriter to write such email for you


Buy those expensive email swipes that doesn’t even convert

Or even waste your time trying to learn how to write such powerful emails.

All you need to do when you want to make money from your list is:

-         Login to the Email Ramp

-         Select the niche and email type you want to write

-         Choose from the hundreds of emails presented to you

-         Send it to your subscribers.

If you follow these steps, you will be amazed at the amount of sales you’re going to get from your email campaigns.

Click here to go get it now. [AFF LINK]

If you don’t have a list yet, don’t worry.

One of the bonuses you will get when you grab your access to this software, is a powerful method you can use to build your list without spending money.

So you have everything you need.

Go here to see all the bonuses and claim them. [AFF LINK]

This is your opportunity to join the league of successful email marketers.



Subject 1:                           Email Ramp is live: What you need to know about it

Subject 2:                           Have you seen Email Ramp?

It’s no longer news that Email Ramp is live.

If you haven’t gone to check it out, do so quickly.

Your affiliate link [AFF LINK]

If you still have a minute right now, let me tell you a little more about the software.

Email Ramp is an initiative of A-List Copywriters whose mission is to help small marketers and business owners, who cannot afford their services, to still have access to their email vaults and make money from sending mails.

In case you don’t know, A-List copywriters charge between $100-$250 for a single email.

And that’s because they know that the email they write for you, will bring you X100 of the amount you paid them.

But as a small marketer, can you afford to pay $250 for a single email, when you know you will be needing lots of it?

I guess your answer is NO.

So this is why you should jump at such opportunity to get inside the email vault of these copywriters and start using their expertise for almost nothing.

And that’s the type of opportunity they are presenting to you in form of Email Ramp.

Go grab the opportunity now [AFF LINK]

Personally, I have also secured my own access because I know it’s going to save me a whole lot of time and help me write even more sales-pulling emails.

With Email Ramp, you can easily dive into any niche you wish and be sure of winning the battle with your emails, because…..

Email Ramp has over 499 proven-to-convert emails on different niches and for different purposes.

Most importantly, the Copywriters behind it are not resting on their laurels……they keep adding newer and newer emails into it so you never run short of what to send your list. (You will get access to the new emails they add every month if you claim the one time offer they will present you).

Get started here.[AFF LINK]

Inside the software, you are going to find emails for:

-         Pre-launch emails

-         Product launch

-         List nurturing and trust building

-         Story-telling emails

-         Emotional selling emails

-         Re-engagement emails

-         Discount and time limited offer emails

Even if you already have emails you think is working for you, you can easily add them to your Email Ramp account so that you can have easy access to it from anywhere.


You can get a lifetime access to this software only during this launch period. After the launch, you will have to pay $67 per month to access it and it will still worth it.

So hurry now and grab Email Ramp.

Your Link here. [AFF LINK]

My bonus is also waiting for you to grab as soon as you get Email Ramp.

You can check out the bonuses I have for you in the link below:

Your link [AFF LINK]


Subject 1:           [AFFILIATE SALES] You earned $21.74 from XYZ

You received an affiliate commission of $21.74 from a sale of XYZ.



How often do you receive this type of emails?

For me, I receive many of it every day, whether I’m working or not.

And that’s because I’m a pro at email copywriting.

It took me 3 years to master how to write such emails that pull in sales for me each day.

But you don’t have to wait for three years to master it too.

Check this out [AFF LINK]

This software has put me in competition with one of my students.

He is earning almost as much as I do, even though he isn’t an email copywriting pro like me.

He just uses this software to write high converting, sales churning emails and makes sh*t loads of cash whenever he mails out.

I have also gotten access to the software too so I can save time for myself and see new ways of writing emails too.

If you are into any form of internet marketing, you need to get this software too.

And here’s where to get it [AFF LINK]

With it, you can start seeing impressive results from your email marketing.

To help you start getting as much result as I get, I have thrown in 3 powerful bonuses to help you.

So there’s nothing stopping you again.

Go here and secure your copy today. [AFF LINK]


Subject: What my friend does anytime he needs money

“If I need a car, I send an email; if I want to go for vacation, I send an email; anytime I need cash, I just send an email”

That’s exactly the words of my friend Cyril, a fellow internet marketer.

Now, what he sends out isn’t the crappy type of emails you see in your inbox everyday…..

… He sends carefully crafted emails written by A-List copywriters.

And his email subscribers responds to such powerful emails by buying whatever he recommends.

You can also be like Cyril. And with Email Ramp, you can.

Email Ramp helps you write emails that will make your subscribers respond positively every time you sent out emails to them.

Check it out here if you haven’t [AFF LINK]

FYI, Cyril isn’t the only one that enjoys such results, I do too.

So if you want to change the type of results you get from your email marketing, then hurry and claim your access to Email Ramp now that you can still pay a one-time fee for it.

Immediately after the launch, you’ll have to shell out $67 per month to use it.

So just go get it now. [AFF LINK]

My bonus is waiting for you on the inside.


Subject:              3 Ways to earn money from Email Ramp

I woke up this morning and saw 4 emails from my inbox.

They were from my subscribers and their message was short and clear:

“How will I make money if I buy Email Ramp?”

It cracked me up.

But when I realized that everybody doesn’t have the same level of experience when it comes to internet marketing, I shared 3 easy ways to make money from it.

In case you are also asking the same question, here is the answer I gave them.

3 Ways To Make Money From Email Ramp

-  Affiliate Marketing: Use the emails inside to promote affiliate products and make commissions from it

-  Freelance Copywriting: Use the software to write emails for others and get paid by them.

-  Product Launch: Create your own product and use the emails to get loads of buyers for it

Most probably, you already understand these three methods.

But if you don’t understand it perfectly, then included in my bonuses are very comprehensive eBooks that will teach you that in details.

However, you need to get access to the software before you can get the bonuses.

And you need to get it now, because the launch party is almost about to end and you will have to pay $67 per month to use it.

So go claim it now and enjoy lifetime access to it. [AFF LINK]

As soon as you get it, I’ll send you the bonuses so you can start exploiting the software to rake in massive sales and commissions for yourself every day.


Subject 1:           I’m not the only one talking about Email Ramp

Subject 2:           Testimonials are already pouring in

Smart marketers and business owners who have gotten their lifetime access to Email Ramp are already giving testimonials about the software.

Take for example, Chilim Ng from Malaysia.

This is what he has to say about Email Ramp:

“Testimonial here”

Read more testimonials here [AFF LINK]

I’m showing you this so you have a feel of what to expect when you get your access to Email Ramp.

Email Ramp is going to redefine your email marketing and make you to start raking loads of cash from your email list anytime you send out a mail.

You will be having access to the emails used by top marketers, use it in your campaigns and get results that will wow you.

So don’t sit there thinking of whether to get it or not……..simply go for it.

Get Access Now [AFF LINK]

You will thank me later for telling you about Email Ramp.

Remember, my powerful bonuses are available to you after you get access through the link above.


Subject:              Warning – You have only 12 hours


It’s just 12 hours before the Email Ramp launch party will be over.

And after that, the lifetime access to the software will go off.

What this means is that after 24 hours, you will have to pay $67 per month to use it.

You're going to lose 3 things:

-         The huge launch discount that will make Email Ramp look like it’s a giveaway

-         The 10 powerful bonuses from me that will help you triple the results you will get from the software

-         The opportunity to start emailing like a pro and earning the same type of income that email marketing pros earn

If you are okay with that, no problem; you can stop reading this email here.

But if you can’t afford to miss those three, then you need to make a move now.

Hurry and claim them before they disappear [AFF LINK]

If you decide to procrastinate now, you might actually forget….

And when you remember, it’ll be gone.

So you should take action right now that you have the time.

Click here right away [AFF LINK]


Subject:              There’s Good And Bad News For You


I don’t mean to get you anxious, but I must be brutal with the truth.

The bad news is that your time is running out on the opportunity to get lifetime access to Email Ramp.

By 11:59 PM EST today, this offer will be gone and you will miss out BIG TIME.

Don’t blow this opportunity [AFF LINK]

For the past few days, I have been telling you about this powerful product that helps you write sales-pulling emails even if you don’t know jack about copywriting.

Many people who have gotten their lifetime access to Email Ramp have confessed that the price is a steal for the quality and value of what they’re getting inside.

By 11:59 PM EST today, the price for Email Ramp will go up to reflect its true value and this will be $67 per month.

Now the good news is that you still have the opportunity to hop in and get lifetime access to it.

So are you going to blow this opportunity?

The choice is yours.

Click the link below to claim your lifetime access before the clock hits zero [AFF LINK]


PS: I won’t remind you of this offer again. So if you miss it now, you’ve missed it forever. Go here now [AFF LINK]

SUBJECT 1: Business owners are looking for you

SUBJECT 2: Please help them – they will pay

Many business owners around you need help.

They want more leads and customers.

They have exploited the avenues they know.

But they are missing just one because they don’t have time to exploit it.

And that one is the most effective way for them to get massive leads and customers.

If you can do this for them, they will pay you handsomely.

I’m talking about helping them with their email marketing.

See how you can do that here

Here’s the sweet part:

You don’t need to be a guru to help them with this service.

All the emails you will need to write for them is done for you already.

You just have to log in, find the right one for your client, and use it for them.

They can pay you $1,000+ per month just for this.

Now imagine what you’d be earning per month if you can get 10 of these clients.

Fortunately, getting those clients is even easy.

Everything you need to get them is already here

  • A website to position yourself as a brand
  • A brochure to show the potential client your expertise and what he will benefit
  • A business card that complements your brand
  • Cold email series you will use to get appointments from the business owners
  • A winning proposal you can send to them and easily win jobs
  • Facebook Ad copy and images
  • And lots more

And as an added bonus, you’ll also get an unreleased Guide To Running A 6 Figure Email Marketing Agency.

So are you willing to help these businesses while getting paid for it?

Then go here right away and get everything you need to do this

For your information, this package just got launched, and so there’s a massive discount on it currently.

If you act fast, you can get it at that discounted price.

But if you delay, you may have to pay the full price when the launch discount has been removed.

Make the right decision:

Get your access right now and create a 6-figure email marketing agency for yourself

[Your Name]

What if 10 people are paying you 1K per month?

Let’s do a little calculation here:

10 people paying you $1,000 every month amounts to $10,000 per month for you…

…and that’s $120,000 per year.

Does that interest you?

If YES, see how to make it possible here

You see, many business owners know that email marketing is the best way to get new leads and convert them to buyers.

But they don’t just know how to go about it.

And if you can offer to do it for them, then they can pay you $1,000+ for it every month.

Now you’d be asking:

How can I help them with that when I know nothing about email marketing?

Well, don’t worry.

Everything you will need has been made available for you here.

There are already hundreds of pre-written emails available for you to swipe for the business owners that hire you.

So you don’t need to rack your brain…

…just log in, get the emails you need, swipe it for the client, and get paid.

You sure will also need some marketing materials to be able to win new clients with ease.

That has also been prepared for you:

  • A website to position yourself as a brand
  • A brochure to show the potential client your expertise and what he will benefit
  • A business card that complements your brand
  • Cold email series you will use to get appointments from the business owners
  • A winning proposal you can send to them and easily win jobs
  • Facebook Ad copy and images
  • And lots more

And to cap it all, you also get a brand new eBook on How To Start And Run A 6-Figure Email Marketing Agency Business.


Get everything here

One more thing:

This is a brand new offer, and there’s a massive discount on it right now.

So if you hurry, you can get all these for less than the cost of your shoes…hahaha

But on a serious note, the discount on it right now is insane.

And remember, with this, you just need 10 clients to hit 6 –figure in the next 12 months.

So grab it right now before the price rises to reflect its true worth.

[Your Name]

Email Ramp Sales Page Coming Soon...

Prize Money

Daily "INDIVIDUAL" contests Only - NO MINIMUMS!


NEW Day 3 + 4 CONTEST:

Top prize - $1,000

2nd - $250

3rd - $100

These contests are ON TOP of the 100% commissions we are offering!


We decided to RAMP UP our most successful offer by listening to our customers. See - some of our BEST customers are using Email Ramp for their clients...but their "client closing" could use some work.

So we decided to help THEM - and our NEW customers by giving them EVERYTHING they could need to succeed with an email marketing agency (of course they can use these emails for themselves too!)

Here's what Email Ramp - Agency Edition will contain:

  • Access to 200/499 Pre-written emails (in sequences)
  • Business Cards
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Invoice
  • Letterhead
  • Brochure
  • Proposal + Email
  • One Page Client Acquisition Website (HTML)

OTO1 - Email Ramp Club

With the Email Ramp Club, you will get autoresponder integration (send the ENTIRE sequence directly to your autoresponder), team license, and 100 new emails per month.

Downsell 1 - Email Ramp Club - 7 Day Trial for $1 (17 monthly)

Try out the Email Ramp Club for 7 days for only $1 and once you see the value of this upgrade, you can continue enjoying all the additional features for just $17 a month.

With this, you will get autoresponder integration, team license, and 100 new emails per month.

OTO2 - Email Ramp - Email Writing Playbook

The Email Writing Playbook offers 60+ minutes of training on how to write high-converting emails for any offer.

OTO3 - DFY Products

This offer includes 100 DFY funnels, lead magnets, full products AND 300 autoresponder emails - delivered in packages every single week (to avoid overwhelm).

This upsell has proven to convert at $35+ EPCs

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