Do you want me to write your emails?

Let Me and My Team Write Your Emails - Get High Open And Click-Through Rate, Sales And Jaw-Dropping Income From Your Email Campaigns

We’ve written tons of emails that got sales and revenue for our clients, which have made them stick with us.

In fact that’s how I first got started.

In the beginning, I used to write emails for other marketers, and they would pay me anywhere between $500 and $1,000 per campaign. Per email, we would charge $200 - $250.

Now, we want to write emails for you too…though not at $250 for one email, but at less than $5 per email.

We’ve never done this, and will NEVER EVER DO IT AGAIN.

You’re probably asking this question:

I already have access to over 999 emails inside Email Ramp. So why should I hire you?

If you are asking that question, it shows you are smart, and we’ll answer you.

You see, we don’t know exactly what you’re promoting.

So those 999 emails inside the software, were written as templates for you to swipe.

If you have the time to swipe it, then no problem.

But if you are among the few smart people I know, who take no chance with their online business, then having our copywriters write custom emails for your product is your surest bet.

We are going out of our way to help you succeed with your email marketing, by helping you write custom emails for your product…

…emails that will guarantee you high open rates, high click-through-rate, and massive sales.

And of course, with massive sales comes massive profits.

This is the easiest way we can help you jumpstart your email marketing business, and start getting loads of sales and revenues every day.

Now, you don’t have to worry whether the emails you edited from our templates are still as powerful as the original templates.

We will write the complete emails for you, from scratch, so that the only task you will need to do is send it to your subscribers.

And there’s no limit to the type of email we can write for you.

Whether it is:

  • List nurturing
  • Product launch
  • Pre-launch
  • Soap opera styled
  • Seinfeld
  • Story-telling
  • Re-engagement
  • Emotional styled
  • Discount and time-limited offer emails
  • And so on

All you need to do is fill a form telling us the product or service you are promoting, the target audience, and the type of email you want…

…and our expert copywriters will craft highly persuasive, engaging and sales-pulling emails that will deliver the result you want:


You see, we aren’t trying to hype our copywriting prowess.

Read the reviews we are getting from clients who hire us on freelance platforms:

And these people paid as much as $250 for their emails.

Yet, we aren’t going to ask you to pay that.

We are going to do what we have never done, and what we will never do again.

We’ll let you hire us to write your email for you for less than $5 per email.

All you have to do is choose a package to get email units added to your member’s area.

Then whenever you need custom emails, simply place the request from your member’s area, alongside the information about the product you want to promote.

Then our team of copywriters will immediately start working on your copy and deliver to you within 7 days.

We know it sounds too good to be true…but we are doing this just to ensure that nothing stops you from succeeding with your email campaigns.

Choose your package below right away


30 Email Units

Allows you hire our copywriters to write up to 30 emails custom emails for you

Email Ramp - Email Pro Custom Package (30 Personalized Email Credits)


100 Email Units

Allows you hire our copywriters to write up to 100 emails custom emails for you

Email Ramp - Email Pro Custom Package (100 Personalized Email Credits)
Email Ramp - Email Pro Custom Package (100 Personalized Email Credits)


We are going to ONLY accept 20 people on this offer.

And there’s a reason.

Our copywriters are going to spend hours crafting each email for each client.

And there’s a limit to the number of clients we can cater for.

Besides, we still have our big clients who pay us big money.

And since you are getting the same quality of email and support we give our big clients at almost 95% discount, we have to limit the number of persons that will get this offer.

So if you are smart, you should take this offer right away without delay.

And that’s because you will NEVER EVER see this type of opportunity from us or anybody anywhere again.

Get ready to start getting massive sales anytime you send out an email promotion using the emails we write for you.

See you on the inside,

No, I understand that having you write my emails will get more results for me. But I'll spend as many months to learn how to write the emails myself. Take me to the member's area.

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